Monday, July 28, 2014

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Look for Less

This is the Grand Edison Caged Sconce from Restoration Hardware that will run you $255 (that's the sale price) and the look for less is the exact same fixture for $128 with FREE shipping on Ebay. The Ebay selller uses the same image above but here is an additional one they use:

I love how the Ebay listing says it's "rare". Ummmm I rarely don't see it at a major furniture store that sends out a book set of their catalog Encyclopedia Britannica style.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My House

So I bought this for $80

and this was purchased to go on top of the it

plus I bought this couch WITH a fold out bed for $150

I'm not playin.

If you follow me on instagram you would already know that I'm slow to post here - I MEAN you already know I have had these for a minute (head on over to Vintage Revivals to get some insight regarding the moment of impact - me freaking out right after buying the couch). 

So let's back up and recall where it all began. This is the front room in 2012 

If you follow my State of the State of Chaos updates you will recall that it then turned to this:

Awesome. Sauce.

Currently the green/blue wall is now white and I did this to the sides of the firelplace:

Have I seen the marble guy again you ask? Yes I actually did. He came back to remeasure and has since returned to his black hole. So it still looks like this. He is aware of my day job so his lack of concern confuses me.

The dresser has been put in the bay window. I plan to address the knobs and top drawers at a later date. It got a light sanding, stain touch ups, and I sprayed the pulls dark bronze but I need to live with it before deciding how it will finally look. Also, the pull out mattress in the couch bed never saw the inside of my house. It went straight to the curb and a new mattress from Ikea replaced it.

So this is the latest

Much better without the broken house in here.

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Lavatory Update [interior design]

The lav is at about 90% done. As a reminder this is where I started when we moved in.

Now it looks like this

The opposite wall hasn't changed and still looks like this

If you follow lindO on the 'gram you have already seen a while ago. I just realized it wasn't posted here. The Corona was to celebrate the win in the battle to hang the incredibly heavy hand me down (from my husband's great aunt) mirror all by myself. About 283,528,935 holes in my wall later I. WIN. I'm a big fan of the old vs. new look going on there.  The mirror happens to be too wide for the sink and is right against the door wall but it will stay until a similar one the correct size falls in front of my eyes. The battle was too epic just to take it down until the right one comes my way. Plus we need a mirror there of course.

What's left? A cleanup of the threshold. There is currently a gap between the hallway wood floor and the new bathroom tile.  One of the tile end cuts is at an angle and it's making me nuts. More so than usual. Today it will be addressed and, should everything go OK, the gap will be grouted. Please PLEASE design gods don't let me chip and/or ruin the tile. Please.

I'm thinking neon sign above the toilet. Stay tuned.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Detroit C-list

Hellllllllllooooo Detroit I've got a good one for you today. It's a Mid Century modern hutch for $200 on Craigslist!

Compare this to West Elm's

Take out the glass and save $1,100.  Get this fast or I might make room in my house for it. Maybe a touch up here and there as well on the Craigslist tower but still a GREAT find.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Ikea Stuff [design]

Alright so there are some Ikea classics that may never go away. Like the wine rack

and, of course, the Lack table

They scream I'M FROM IKEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not the message I want my house to convey.

I always search for new furniture and ideas when I'm in there and am often let down. My heart skipped a tiny beat when the TRENDIG Collection in 2013. Remember that? I think they still may have it lingering around actually...

Fun stuff. Refreshing for Ikea shoppers to see something new and different.

But now I'm VERY excited for this news! Ikea will be moving from 1-2 collections a year to about 10! TEN!! Limited releases from various designers and artists. Be still my heart.


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