Monday, March 31, 2014

My Guy

So my oldest turned four this month. 

I thought I would share since I can still say "this month" for another couple hours.

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Another Pretty Book

This is a post for those that are interested in GOOD books that also look nice on a coffee table or book shelf. This is the second addition (here is the first). Today's book is a staple and if you don't already have it you should get it now here:

Domino: The Book of Decorating: A Room-by-Room Guide to Creating a Home That Makes You Happy

It has great decorating tips and the cover and spine are this pretty light aqua color with a dash of bird and flowers. 

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Detroit C-list

Time for more Craigslist fun in the D!

$90 will get you this uniquely cool cart. Cart bars are all the rage these days and if you like to upcycle this one is for you! Or it could be a plant stand, console table, or cat bed. You decide.

Also trending in the design world are dead animal parts. One antler could be great on a coffee table or collect a lot of them and you could make a chandelier.  The traditional wall mount is acceptable as well. They want $185 for these bad boys.

I love the look of antique fans. This one  is fiddy.

Letters, of course, are neat-o keen. $15 each is a great deal for these.

Then for the prop junkies there is this really great old tricycle for $250. Not cheap but this could easily sell for more.

Don't live in the D? I can scour your local Craigslist for you just tell me where :)

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

State of the State of Chaos

This is pretty close to the finished project folks. Just pretend the baseboard is installed next to the door and that the outlet plate is attached without the tile blocking the screw holes. Just ignore that last part. I'll take some prettier photos soon but this is pretty much crossed off my list.

This is the before if you need a reminder - we flipped it from the living room to open to the hall in order to get a sectional against the now closed off wall.

Dining room update is that I have a ceiling once again. Even better is the fact that my dad likes to spackle. I have some smoothing to do then I get to paint the ceiling and fill in the holes in the old crown molding that was put back. Super. Hashtag myfave and soreneck.

Family room is still in this condition

My son hasn't moved (nor has the "broken house")

Picking up the tile for the first floor lav tomorrow. I foresee joy in racing a four year old up carpeted stairs after last second announcements like "I just have to go to the bathroom".


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