Thursday, January 24, 2013

Photo of the Week #0054

Whoooooaaaahhh whale shark! Great photo. Read the full story about this photo here.

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Ohh Sit on a Portriat Chair [interior Design]

This is a great way to display photos and style your home. Ohh Sit is a company in Conneticut combining their love of photography with chic decor.  They use your photos, source out the chairs, and make some design magic. Loving these chairs!

Great right!?! They do pillows as well if you are afraid of commitment. Just toss them on the couch and you can switch them anytime.
 Is this stirring up some ideas? They ship domestic and international but we love a good DIY project and this could be one of those!  There are many ways to get a photo printed on fabric and you could upholster a chair yourself (or hire out).
Here are some resources to get your image on fabric:
and here are some resources on how to upholster a chair all by yourself:
We want before and after pics when you are done!!
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Friday, January 18, 2013

Making Color Decisions without Headache [interior Design

THIS website rocks! They offer complimentary colors and color palettes that are awesome. It lets you search by theme or an RGB slide. It doesn't get any easier and is a GREAT design tool!

bowled tones

sweet tones

berry tones

sterling tones

aged tones
Plus I like looking at the pretty pictures :) Head over to
for more helpful amazingness.
Another great resource for color is On this site you can upload a photo of the room you want to paint and virtually put the color up without hesitation or regret.
Step by Step overview
It's really easy so pick the palette you love and start trying on some colors!

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Photos and Props and Stuff

I got a nice camera (Nikon) last year for Christmas in order to take better photos of the props. Well some PROPS look better with living beings modeling them. I have some fabulous photographers who offer and/or exchange photos for the use of the props but sometimes a girls gotta get things done herself (I have PROPS all over my house and many have not seen the light of the website).

So I already introduced miss Antonia here:
 Tutu link here

  Chair link here

Crown link here

and now meet Brooklyn:

Tutu link here

Luggage link here, Tutu link here

Buggy link here

more fun to come...

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Bar Update [interior Design]

So I HAD to start the bar project around this time last year because it was driving me nuts. We knew we would eventually get a large sectional and put it against this wall. Plus the original bar was 60's/70's fabulous and that's not how I roll so it had to go. The plan was to wall it up on the couch side and open it up in the hallway behind.

Listing photos

Then I gave a quick (very quick) update tease here. You can see how we took the wall out and framed it in. You may also notice how we painted the beams white. The bookcases by the fireplace were painted white as well. The brick got a medium gray and the brass fireplace doors were sprayed black but that's another blog post waiting to happen.

Well it's closer to 2086 and we actually may have it done sooner if you can believe that. Here is more progress:

The good news is that the lower cabinets are ordered!! Wagers on how long it will take to install? Then all we need to do is pick hardware, install, pick a counter, install, buy the sink, install, paint. Not all in that order of course. So it's looking like this might get done around 2081.

aaaaannnnnnnndddd the new sectional has been ordered too. Holla!

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