Monday, February 24, 2014

State of the State of Chaos

Sooo we've talked about the bar project, the fireplace project multiple times, but did we talk about the first floor lav project? I know we haven't talked about the new dining room ceiling project. For the sake of bat shi+ crazy I'm going to add to the list a master bath remodel project.

Boom goes the dynamite. 

This is a long post so grab a hard drink. I'll warn you earlier next time. So listen I finally ordered the tile for the bar back splash. Finally thought I made a final decision and was so proud of myself. See I can pick out a back splash for you no problem. I make design decisions for others on a daily basis but it doesn't go down like that around here. Different tiles cross the path of my eyes multiple times a day and it confuses me. It's a fear of commitment. Will the tile still make me happy in 5 years? I'm not a fan of tiling. Don't want to do more tiling work than I have to. So (I can't find the photo!) slapped my eyes with a 12"x12" Carerra back splash someone installed and I thought "how hot would a 6"x6" Carerra be?!?" So (P.J. avert your eyes and unfollow this blog) I have samples coming tomorrow. Good news is that the tile is local, in stock, and I don't need much of it. I can get it yesterday if I want.

Next topic is the fireplace. I ripped the mantle off and sold it on Craigslist. Here is the plan as we have mentioned before - the bottom image is the goal

but currently the top right is where we are stuck until I find the right white marble. Waiting...and waiting...and waiting on contractorS. Yes plural.

Moving on. This happened:

Ohhhh the repetitive sound of water dripping from an unexpected source such as a ceiling. Makes me warm and fuzzy inside but in a terrible money flying out the window kinda way. Please note: the formal dining room is on the kitchen remodel list as the wall between them is planned to come down. The kitchen remodel starts in 2083. So the short list the dining room did not make until 3 days ago. The leak is fixed ($400 later - please don't ask me about $2 toilet valves) and the ceiling will be repaired only to be messed up again in 2083. Sweet.

Anyhoo the leak started above the dining room between the boys bathroom and the master. We hate the master as it has peach tile and sponge paint OVER the wallpaper. Who paints over wallpaper? Real question. The husband is really over how gross the master bathroom is. Cue the flying pigs and ice in hell because he's actually wanting more work done around here. And who am I to tell him "no"?

 I'm going to expand on the master later and save the first floor lav for another post. This post is too long and it makes me want to scour Houzz and Pinterest It's 10:32 pm and a girl needs her rest. I could spend days on both. Bottom line is I bought the vanity for the lav like 8 months ago and it has been living in my family room. My son loves to play with the "broken house". 

Here is what I stare at these days

the "broken house" aka Ikea's Godmorgon

in said living room (out of the shot but behind the white container here) -->

new chandelier?...hmmm....

yes I use it [said with fingers crossed behind back]!!

I [not so]secretly love it. BRING it.


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