Thursday, April 24, 2014

Photo of the Week #0096

Vivian Maier, a full time nanny living in Chicago in the 60s, captured over 100,000 portraits of street life with her Rolleiflex. It was her secret hobby that no on knew about until after her death just a few years ago. Her work was only discovered after a real estate agent bought her storage trunk of negatives at auction for a $380. Her work is AMAZING. Her selfies are worth the site visit alone. I could have picked all of her images for Photo of the Week but I'll leave you with just 5 of my favorites:

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

State of the State of Chaos

Answers to the previous post:

Ugh. I'm currently "working it out" with the contractor.

Remember how I mentioned the lavatory as one of my 875,293 projects? Feast your eyes on this mess:

I can' t recall if the terrible green picked by my husband came first or if it was the birch. I hand painted the trees when the birch wallpaper was all the rage. I'm over it 2 years ago. I do, however, still love my $30 Menard's knock-off of the Tom Dixon light. Love. Not moving. P.J. says he hates it but he gently dusted it off the other day on his own merit. I think he secretly likes it.

The floors are 3/4" wood with nailhead details. I have a four year old boy that uses this toilet. You can put two and two together. It's gotta go. You can see that we started taking off the base board already.

My mug shots! I still love these and they will stay in the next rendition. Food for thought when guests are on the toilet. I have more that need to go up but right now my favorite is Frank Sinatra. He was arrested in 1938 for carrying on with a married woman. I'm sure that man had STOR-ies. I painted the wall black because I had to reduce the awful green. I let the man go rogue and look what happens. Please note this room canNOT be applied to my design style as I hate it as much as the next person. It's merely in limbo.

So as you may have guessed the "broken house" is still in the same place but will be the new vanity in here. I'm going gold handles and fixtures. Holla!

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Monday, April 21, 2014

State of the State of Chaos

So the dining room looks like this:

Ceiling is smooth and dark in a semi-gloss paint. Yes I did say semi-gloss. Since the color was dark I wanted that good window light to bounce around. Now is that the best idea for say, an older home with old ceilings? Probably not as there are likely flaws in old ceilings and semi-gloss only highlights those. Now my ceiling was brand big box store drywall new. It took about 5 rounds of spackle/smooth/spackle/smooth but it's next to perfect now. While I am pretty freekin' good with a spackle knife I wish I could say it was done easily and right away but I always find a way to make my life more difficult in the name of design. Whatever. It's done. The room is a work in progress just like the rest of them. Not sure I'm feeling the frames hung the way they are. 

Moving on. Marble is on the fireplace. Now reread that sentence like your parents bought you a car when you were 16 BUT it's a station wagon with faux wood paneling on the side because 
it ain't right.

Can you see the issues?

I'll post them tomorrow and in case you were wondering the "broken house" hasn't moved. 

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Photo of the Week #0095

Has it really been a month since my last post?!? Whoops! I should change the title of the post. Anyway check this one out:

By Jake OsonGorg.
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