Friday, December 30, 2011

Walls [interior Design]

While scraping one of the last rooms in my house to be covered in bad 80's and 90's wallpaper (they all were and I'm very over it) it made me think of what I actually would want to cover my wall with. PIXERS a group of Polish designers involved in architecture art and interior design and they have many things I would put on my walls. O yes I would.

The infinity wall images are a great way to elongate a small room. Great design trick for the eye.

Hmmm...where to do this in my house...
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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Photog Fun!

Have any old cameras lying around that you don't use? Try turning them into a neat night light. Here is the how do for you DIYers. For those of you who would never attempt this you should forward the link onto a DIY friend and ask for the favor. It's too cool!

For those iphone owners check out this bamboo cover that looks like a camera:

And in case you are going somewhere without your camera here are some shirts that will make you feel less "naked" without it ;)

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Discovering Honor & Folly [interior Design]

Honor & Folly is a two-bedroom apartment now acting as a bed and breakfast in the Corktown neighborhood of Detroit (it happens to be located right across from one of my favorite Detroit buildings -the train station). The concept behind the project is based on the way people used to travel - a few beds above the village pub or restaurant. This one happens to be above Slows which is GREAT place for BBQ and atmosphere. A MUST eat when in the D.

The apartment is decorated with thrift-store finds and objects made by local designers. The eclectic design blends some old and new elements which perfectly sync with the architecture. Exposed brick, open ceiling, and those windows are some niiiiice architectural bones to play with.

Stacked vintage suitcases are used as a side table and make for an interesting and functional reuse of objects. A reversed headboard (the backside is used as the front) is also an uncommon detail worth noting. 

Farm table with mixed chairs = fun. The style of each chair/stool keeps within the same "family" yet each one is unique. That's not easy to do. Also loving the ladder and everytime I see a big old one it makes me want to take it home. My son would easily make me regret that decision in a minimal amount of time.

Concrete vanity? Yes please and note the painted brick. Specialness (a word??) even drips down to the hand towels!

Here are some words from the Honor & Folly site written by the owner Meghan McEwen:

Upstairs from Slows, one of the city's busiest restaurants (full disclosure: owned by my brother-in-law), and on the same block as an artisan coffee shop and craft cocktail bar, the apartment drops you smack into the middle of one of the most thriving, interesting blocks in the city. But the entire neighborhood - the oldest one in Detroit - is charming, walkable and full of great restaurants, bars and historic attractions, including the workers row houses, the site of old Tigers Stadium and Michigan Central Station - the old, abandoned (much photographed) train station designed by the same architects as New York's Grand Central. The last train left the station in 1988, and although scrappers have ripped out most of the marble (and whatever else was left), it's still a stunningly beautiful Beaux-Arts behemoth. Out front, Roosevelt Park is undergoing a multi-phased revamp and there's a roster of community, arts and music events all summer long. Corktown is also a 10-minute walk from downtown Detroit.

Guests have access to the entire apartment. There are two bedrooms for a capacity of four people, with additional sleeping arrangements for kids.

One bedroom: $165/night
Both bedrooms: $215/night
Week stay, entire apartment: $1000

Vintage bikes | an honor & folly detroit guide | local design | fully stocked cooking kitchen | wi-fi | iPod speakers | washer dryer + dishwasher

There is no television but the bar at the restaurant downstairs has several screens. I can imagine painting or reading a book instead anyway...then hitting Slows for a drink and some goooood food!
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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holiday Shoot [PROPS]

Exhausting. Just exhausting. I gotta give it to those patient photographers, like Stacy Melton, who sit calmly and wait for a crazy 21 month old to sit still. Actually the sitting still part never happened. Trey refused. I wildly jumped up and down behind Stacy, thought of every word I could that usually makes him laugh to catch his attention, and moved him a million times to set him where we needed him. We pulled every trick in the book but Jayden (Stacy's son) was there and Trey was having the time of his life running in circles. He wanted nothing to do with sitting still or listening to his mom (Jayden on the other hand was a VERY good listener). I haven't done a marathon but I challenge those people to a photo shoot with my son.

Here is a sneak peak of the shoot. LindO did the art work and set design,  Photography by Stacy Melton was the talent behind the lens.

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Monday, December 12, 2011

How Cool is This?! [interior Design]

Talk about upcyling! This wall treatment is made from.............COMPUTER KEYS! Love the idea, the texture it adds to the walls, the color fading in the second image, and the "green" aspect of this! Just love. It always amazes me when a simple object is remixed in someone's mind in such a unique way. Sarah Frost is the artist and genius behind this installation at the James Hotel in New York. I can't wait to see this in person!!!

The James Hotel, NY
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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Decor...Hmmmm... [interior Design]

I haven't been big on the purchasing of the Christmas-ing decor. Who focuses on a tree anyway when the room is a hot mess (except for my chevron wall of course ;)? I usually lay in wait. I wait until after Christmas for the sales and purchase about 8 random ornaments I like thinking "one day I'll have enough to put a plan together".
This year my husband and I stepped up our Christmas decorating game and we did it before Christmas. We bought lit garland for the living room and stairs, a second tree for the living room (our main tree is in the family room), and I dabbled in the dining room. Bananas for us. Since I'm new to the expanded holiday decorating I'm still questioning some things I've done around here. Like this: 

hmmm......jury is still out. I have yet to find large birch logs for the fireplace so the present paintings are a place holder. I will say that the new addition of the letter "C" to the room makes me happy. It's not just some regular metal letter either. No way. I'm told by the seller (craigslist of course) that it's by the Wagner Sign Service circa the 1930s. Erwin and Charles Wagner were the inventors of Movie Marquee letter signage and an inventive way to produce hanging metal sign letters. I just like how it looks and our last name starts with "C". I had no clue there were famous letter makers out there.

Next room. The table needs more bling right? Or fake snow to break up the table cloth pattern?  I'm a fan of the beads on the chandelier and snowflake too, however, I'm not in luuuv with this yet.

aaaannnddd I'm kinda over the holiday decoration shopping. Yeah I said it. This might be as good as it gets this year but I'll hit the sales again on the 26th. If Santa brings me a better camera I'll photograph the trees to post but right now I am also over the quality of these photos.

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Detroit C-list [interior Design]

Industrial design is all the rage - just open a Restoration Hardware catalog to drool over some of their pieces.

Restoration Hardware

This craigslist listing for a "vintage indusrial factory rolling work cart" caught my eye. It's reasonably priced at $200 and if I had a place for it I would be all over it!!

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas PROPS!

OK we are lagging behind the on the Holiday stuff and we know it but here are some Christmas-y PROPS that we finally got photos of:

This red and green scale is perfect for that little December bundle of joy. Top comes off!

LindO also has the beautiful little sleigh. You could fill it with gifts, a baby, a small Christmas tree, pose kids in front of it, big sibling with little sibling shot and the list goes on and on and on...

For more info contact Angela at

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Giving Thanks with a...Giveaway!!

We want to thank all of our fans and customers with a little giveaway. The prize is this beautiful and soft blue blanket by Judi, an artist at Nerdie Bird Boutique (they have SO much talent over there!!). It measures 18"x24"

Requirement #1 (and only): Comment 3 seperate times on this post with 1 RANDOM Holiday fact on each comment. Any fact will do. First person to post 3 gets the blanket!!

We will post the winners name (in case it's not obvious). Winner should contact Angela at to claim the prize.

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fireplace [interior Design]

So this is my fireplace. Sigh. The gas insert could work if I got the parts to fix it but it's ugly so that means I would need a new one entirely. Not interested. We have another fireplace in the living room we use a lot. Next week we are having the gas capped and I've been looking for some ideas to fill the empty space (please note we are solely focusing on the fireplace - furniture and mantle pieces are NOT permanent and will be addressed at a later date). So the question is how to decorate a non functioning fireplace?


Log stacking??



What if I stacked framed mirrors??

Too busy and would compete with whatever I put above the fireplace.


Too easy.

LOVE books. Love em...but I don't have this many and with book shelves in my living room, my son's room, the guest room, and on an invisible shelf in the entry I would have to start wearing glasses and ask for library cards when people entered the house.


Letters? I like this. I'll have to think harder about what happens on the mantle if I do this though.

Or...a disco ball!!

I have the thumping of techno music in my head now.

I'm leaning toward this:

Simple and classic. I'll test it out. Now where do I get birch logs from??

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Design for the Little Ones [interior Design]

We are all about the DIY and saving a buck but fancy designer goods somehow manage to stay in the corner of our eyes. It's hard to avoid really. Eames, Saarinen, Le Corbusier are a few classic furniture designers from back in the day who have made some iconic pieces. Even if you have never heard of them you have most likely seen some of their work around. Well their classic designs have been replicated (and replicated, and replicated) and can come XS. Look at these pint size versions of some classic pieces:

The Egg chair by Arne Jacobsen

Eames Lounge Chair

LC2 chair by Le Corbusier

Ball chair by Eero Aarnio

To accessorize the floor is featuring NuLoom rugs. (Gilt is a FREE first come first serve member discount site so if you like it, get it before it's gone!). Here are some of our favorites for a kid's room:

Sketch Rug $145-$275

Puzzle Pieces $134-$270

Balloon $225-$349

ABC Rug $154-$294

Footsy Rug $82-$299

Animal Land $160-$292

Road $292

Puzzle Alphabet $179-$332

Makes me want to redecorate the only "finished" room in my house...
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