Friday, November 25, 2011

Giving Thanks with a...Giveaway!!

We want to thank all of our fans and customers with a little giveaway. The prize is this beautiful and soft blue blanket by Judi, an artist at Nerdie Bird Boutique (they have SO much talent over there!!). It measures 18"x24"

Requirement #1 (and only): Comment 3 seperate times on this post with 1 RANDOM Holiday fact on each comment. Any fact will do. First person to post 3 gets the blanket!!

We will post the winners name (in case it's not obvious). Winner should contact Angela at to claim the prize.

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fireplace [interior Design]

So this is my fireplace. Sigh. The gas insert could work if I got the parts to fix it but it's ugly so that means I would need a new one entirely. Not interested. We have another fireplace in the living room we use a lot. Next week we are having the gas capped and I've been looking for some ideas to fill the empty space (please note we are solely focusing on the fireplace - furniture and mantle pieces are NOT permanent and will be addressed at a later date). So the question is how to decorate a non functioning fireplace?


Log stacking??



What if I stacked framed mirrors??

Too busy and would compete with whatever I put above the fireplace.


Too easy.

LOVE books. Love em...but I don't have this many and with book shelves in my living room, my son's room, the guest room, and on an invisible shelf in the entry I would have to start wearing glasses and ask for library cards when people entered the house.


Letters? I like this. I'll have to think harder about what happens on the mantle if I do this though.

Or...a disco ball!!

I have the thumping of techno music in my head now.

I'm leaning toward this:

Simple and classic. I'll test it out. Now where do I get birch logs from??

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Design for the Little Ones [interior Design]

We are all about the DIY and saving a buck but fancy designer goods somehow manage to stay in the corner of our eyes. It's hard to avoid really. Eames, Saarinen, Le Corbusier are a few classic furniture designers from back in the day who have made some iconic pieces. Even if you have never heard of them you have most likely seen some of their work around. Well their classic designs have been replicated (and replicated, and replicated) and can come XS. Look at these pint size versions of some classic pieces:

The Egg chair by Arne Jacobsen

Eames Lounge Chair

LC2 chair by Le Corbusier

Ball chair by Eero Aarnio

To accessorize the floor is featuring NuLoom rugs. (Gilt is a FREE first come first serve member discount site so if you like it, get it before it's gone!). Here are some of our favorites for a kid's room:

Sketch Rug $145-$275

Puzzle Pieces $134-$270

Balloon $225-$349

ABC Rug $154-$294

Footsy Rug $82-$299

Animal Land $160-$292

Road $292

Puzzle Alphabet $179-$332

Makes me want to redecorate the only "finished" room in my house...
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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Photog Fun!

I did a little editing but I do not see the original writer of this list (please post if you know so we can give credit where credit is due) but it sounds like fun! Each day for a month take a shot of the following:

1. a self portrait
2. what I wore
3. clouds
4. favorite color
5. someone I love
6. childhood memory
7. technology
8. something new
9. a meal (Thanksgiving  maybe ;)
10. something I made
11. close up shot
12. from a distance
13. flowers
14. my shoes
15. a pet
16. on the shelf
17. in my bag
18. where I slept
19. what I read
20. pretty pattern
21. trees
22. sunset
23. a smile
24. something old
25. out a window
26. after dark
27. in motion
28. someone waking up
29. sun flare
30. something you've never shot before

Some of these categories could overlap but try to have 30 different shots. I'll check back on you and beg you to post your favorites. Have fun!
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Monday, November 14, 2011

Tis' the Season for Gifting!

Well there is one holiday before Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa but you will not see Turkey recipes here. LindO compiled a quick Holiday gift giving list for your consideration.

-For baby a set of onesies with cute graphic month markers. Great for keeping track of a growing baby. Put it on at the appropriate month, set the little munch in front of some cute wrapping paper or fun patterned blanket and snap a shot at each milestone!

-For a kiddo the Wonderworld Wonder Vacuum is a fun toy. It is made of wood and actually picks stuff up! Little helper in training tool.

age 3+ at, $53.47

-For a teen a scarf on a spool! What a cute packaging idea and a variety of colors to chose from.


A Digital Harinezumi 2+++ Camera. It produces still images and videos with a soft, out-of-focus feel that bring back the feeling of your old Super 8mm home movies.

it takes pictures like this:, $169.95

-For him a vintage-style air popper. This is great for a movie night or a snack for the game. Plus it looks good on your counter!

Kmart, on sale for $17.99


An iphone docking station -how cool is this?!? The stand is made from a carved block of wood, and available in both Maple and Walnut wood. You can also have his name engraved into the stand.

-For  a friend a knitting class! There are so many amazing home decor and photography prop ideas from the knitting world. Check out which is a website for independent instructors. Look at the fun things they could make for the home or for a photo's a gift that could give back ;)

Gomitolo Knit Clock - 3' in diameter

Knit hat from Nerdie Bird Boutique

-For a party host what do you think about a coffee table book or two!?! I love coffee table books and have them all over my house. Here are some good ones that have nice form (they are pretty) and good content :, $34.20, $24.57

I am loving Vogue Covers Italian Opalescent Finish. These may be a little pricey so this could be a sister, mother, etc. gift as well., $91

-For the [other] photographer in your life telephoto travel mugs. Just don't get them mixed up with the real deal., $24 to $35


As mentioned in a previous blog here a camera looking pencil sharpener 


A fancy camera strap! Many to choose from. MANY.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Saturday, November 12, 2011

FREE Sharing

This is for all those photog mommy's out there. I came across this cute FREE print out at and I thought I would share. Happy Saturday!

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Monday, November 7, 2011


This shabby chic sweet twin size bed would be great with a bunch of little girls jumping on it! OR the headboard could be a sweet backdrop. OR in a field (of course), no mattress, wild flowers coming up and kids dancing all around. What do you think?

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