Saturday, February 25, 2012

DIY Help [interior Design]

In honor of the "Flipping the Bar" project we are in the middle of tackling (more to come in the year 2086 when we actually finish it) we decided to share some DIY tips from those more knowledgeable than ourselves.

This is a shot of our general contractor aka my dad getting ready to cut the studs out of the wall we are removing. This is the calm before the four-letter-word storm.

The gives great tips on the following here:

If something for some odd reason goes wrong with your DIY project then has tips here on how to clean up DIY disasters such as:

• Blood from fabric
• Hot glue
• Super Glue
• Paint
• Straight pins and other fiddly metal bits
• Red wine
• Glitter

Feel covered now? Go ahead and get your glitter out.

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