Tuesday, July 2, 2013


People always want to know where I find my props. I find them all over. ALL over. Garage sales, thrift shops, Target, Meijer, and the list goes on and on. The last shopping adventure was on my way to the West side to visit my sister. Luckily the boys took the ride over with Papa and Abuela the night before so I had the freedom to get off any exit along the way, jump in and out of stores, and not worry about bottles, naps, and diapers holding me back (AMAZING feeling). I veered off the first interesting exit and stopped in an antique mall in Chelsea [Michigan]. My eyes were wide looking at all the cool things but this was the first to really catch my eye: 

So cute with it's lace umbrella! Imagine all the cute photos :)

I also bought myself a pink cadillac. I deserve it.

I could've done more damage but there were many more antique shops and garage sales in my path so I held it together until I reached South Haven.

My aunt and cousins like to antique too so the first morning in South Haven we loaded up the car and hit a couple of my favorite stores. Here are some shots of things that caught my eye.

I could think of a zillion fun set ups with this guy but it was $750. Not in my budget.

This fan was great for the retail side of lindO (or my house) but it was more than I wanted to spend and it couldn't be justified.

 I'm pretty upset about these two pairs. I LOVE Mid Century but it doesn't fit my house. These bad boys were $200 for the each pair. Shoulda woulda coulda made room for at least one set!

Neat old TV

Can you imagine the house that went with this lamp?

 No shortage of Christmas knick knacks. 

and I leave you with this and please note it was more disturbing in person:

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Anika said...

It's like someone killed Fawn Tumnus and put a lampshade over him. Inappropriate.

I would kill for that fan. It's fabulous!