Monday, April 21, 2014

State of the State of Chaos

So the dining room looks like this:

Ceiling is smooth and dark in a semi-gloss paint. Yes I did say semi-gloss. Since the color was dark I wanted that good window light to bounce around. Now is that the best idea for say, an older home with old ceilings? Probably not as there are likely flaws in old ceilings and semi-gloss only highlights those. Now my ceiling was brand big box store drywall new. It took about 5 rounds of spackle/smooth/spackle/smooth but it's next to perfect now. While I am pretty freekin' good with a spackle knife I wish I could say it was done easily and right away but I always find a way to make my life more difficult in the name of design. Whatever. It's done. The room is a work in progress just like the rest of them. Not sure I'm feeling the frames hung the way they are. 

Moving on. Marble is on the fireplace. Now reread that sentence like your parents bought you a car when you were 16 BUT it's a station wagon with faux wood paneling on the side because 
it ain't right.

Can you see the issues?

I'll post them tomorrow and in case you were wondering the "broken house" hasn't moved. 

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