Friday, May 9, 2014

State of the State of Chaos

I would like to announce that most of the "broken house" is placed in it's final position. Only one drawer is holding its ground.

Look there it is! On the non-green wall!!

Now why wouldn't the drawers be fully installed since it's been hanging for 3 days? Let's talk about making life harder. It started with the whole floating vanity idea. Similar pieces were around $750-$1000+  range. 

For example:
Kokols Wall-mount Floating Bathroom Vanity Set
currently on sale for $755.99


Wyndham Collection 'Malibu' 36-inch Espresso/ Carrrera Marble Vanity Set


And those are Overstock prices. That's not my flavor. 

Ikea GODMORGAN at $329 was easy math. Now the laminated drawer fronts are a problem. Way too faux wood-ing for me. My answer of course is to buy solid oak and stain it to match. Of. Course. So I'm waiting (and waiting) for stain to dry. The other issue with the GODMORGAN is that the pre-drilled holes for the silver pulls are only 3" apart. I thought wider and golder handles would be better.

Anyhoo it's a far cry from where we started when we moved it. 

If you are loving the wallpaper I just found it on ebay. Not kidding. Little did I know I had paper gold in my hands.

The current shot again

Now to continue making my life harder.  I had a quick simple idea for the fireplace wall

that was terrible. So 3"x3" hand painted multicolored squares were the obvious (re)answer.

It's only going up about this high on both sides. I'll add a couple more when or if the fireplace gets finished. Sidenote: please let me know if you can find my marble guy because I can't anymore. 

The sconce above is from Restoration Hardware since someone had asked about it. Shout out to Restoration.

1900s Pharmacy Sconce

I love them, my husband hates them. Please contain your shock.

Many of you are now questioning my sanity. Yes, I am crazy for taking on the squares but insane would be to do the entire wall [says the voice in my head]. I leave you with this project to truly ponder my sanity.

faux wood plank floor (4)

Paper bag faux wood floors. PAPER. With a wood grain stamping tool.

That is crazy. I now look completely sane right?


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