Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Ikea Stuff [design]

Alright so there are some Ikea classics that may never go away. Like the wine rack

and, of course, the Lack table

They scream I'M FROM IKEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not the message I want my house to convey.

I always search for new furniture and ideas when I'm in there and am often let down. My heart skipped a tiny beat when the TRENDIG Collection in 2013. Remember that? I think they still may have it lingering around actually...

Fun stuff. Refreshing for Ikea shoppers to see something new and different.

But now I'm VERY excited for this news! Ikea will be moving from 1-2 collections a year to about 10! TEN!! Limited releases from various designers and artists. Be still my heart.


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