Wednesday, June 22, 2011


This is LindO's couch! Not only do we love that couch but we love that train station in that city of Detroit we love! Love, love. We even love how handsome that couple is on our lovely couch! The master mind of this shot is a photographer based in Bloomfield, MI and her name is Daphne Doerr. What. An. Eye!! This isn't the last you'll hear me rave about Daphne either. She has a classy style about her work that fits that classy name. More to come soon but for now here's a taste of her work:

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daphne doerr photography said...

Ahh, thanks LindO! We had such a great time shooting with this couch! I can't wait for my next shoot so I can pick out some more goodies to use as props! LindO is the best!!