Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Decor...Hmmmm... [interior Design]

I haven't been big on the purchasing of the Christmas-ing decor. Who focuses on a tree anyway when the room is a hot mess (except for my chevron wall of course ;)? I usually lay in wait. I wait until after Christmas for the sales and purchase about 8 random ornaments I like thinking "one day I'll have enough to put a plan together".
This year my husband and I stepped up our Christmas decorating game and we did it before Christmas. We bought lit garland for the living room and stairs, a second tree for the living room (our main tree is in the family room), and I dabbled in the dining room. Bananas for us. Since I'm new to the expanded holiday decorating I'm still questioning some things I've done around here. Like this: 

hmmm......jury is still out. I have yet to find large birch logs for the fireplace so the present paintings are a place holder. I will say that the new addition of the letter "C" to the room makes me happy. It's not just some regular metal letter either. No way. I'm told by the seller (craigslist of course) that it's by the Wagner Sign Service circa the 1930s. Erwin and Charles Wagner were the inventors of Movie Marquee letter signage and an inventive way to produce hanging metal sign letters. I just like how it looks and our last name starts with "C". I had no clue there were famous letter makers out there.

Next room. The table needs more bling right? Or fake snow to break up the table cloth pattern?  I'm a fan of the beads on the chandelier and snowflake too, however, I'm not in luuuv with this yet.

aaaannnddd I'm kinda over the holiday decoration shopping. Yeah I said it. This might be as good as it gets this year but I'll hit the sales again on the 26th. If Santa brings me a better camera I'll photograph the trees to post but right now I am also over the quality of these photos.

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