Thursday, December 22, 2011

Discovering Honor & Folly [interior Design]

Honor & Folly is a two-bedroom apartment now acting as a bed and breakfast in the Corktown neighborhood of Detroit (it happens to be located right across from one of my favorite Detroit buildings -the train station). The concept behind the project is based on the way people used to travel - a few beds above the village pub or restaurant. This one happens to be above Slows which is GREAT place for BBQ and atmosphere. A MUST eat when in the D.

The apartment is decorated with thrift-store finds and objects made by local designers. The eclectic design blends some old and new elements which perfectly sync with the architecture. Exposed brick, open ceiling, and those windows are some niiiiice architectural bones to play with.

Stacked vintage suitcases are used as a side table and make for an interesting and functional reuse of objects. A reversed headboard (the backside is used as the front) is also an uncommon detail worth noting. 

Farm table with mixed chairs = fun. The style of each chair/stool keeps within the same "family" yet each one is unique. That's not easy to do. Also loving the ladder and everytime I see a big old one it makes me want to take it home. My son would easily make me regret that decision in a minimal amount of time.

Concrete vanity? Yes please and note the painted brick. Specialness (a word??) even drips down to the hand towels!

Here are some words from the Honor & Folly site written by the owner Meghan McEwen:

Upstairs from Slows, one of the city's busiest restaurants (full disclosure: owned by my brother-in-law), and on the same block as an artisan coffee shop and craft cocktail bar, the apartment drops you smack into the middle of one of the most thriving, interesting blocks in the city. But the entire neighborhood - the oldest one in Detroit - is charming, walkable and full of great restaurants, bars and historic attractions, including the workers row houses, the site of old Tigers Stadium and Michigan Central Station - the old, abandoned (much photographed) train station designed by the same architects as New York's Grand Central. The last train left the station in 1988, and although scrappers have ripped out most of the marble (and whatever else was left), it's still a stunningly beautiful Beaux-Arts behemoth. Out front, Roosevelt Park is undergoing a multi-phased revamp and there's a roster of community, arts and music events all summer long. Corktown is also a 10-minute walk from downtown Detroit.

Guests have access to the entire apartment. There are two bedrooms for a capacity of four people, with additional sleeping arrangements for kids.

One bedroom: $165/night
Both bedrooms: $215/night
Week stay, entire apartment: $1000

Vintage bikes | an honor & folly detroit guide | local design | fully stocked cooking kitchen | wi-fi | iPod speakers | washer dryer + dishwasher

There is no television but the bar at the restaurant downstairs has several screens. I can imagine painting or reading a book instead anyway...then hitting Slows for a drink and some goooood food!
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