Monday, April 23, 2012

Lipstick on the Laundry Pig [interior Design]

I've managed to put more lipstick on the house. The laundry room is not cute. The trim and walls are painted almond, the tile is from '81, the cabinets are old, the doors to the closet come off if you look at them wrong. If I didn't have a mile long list for this house (and the laundry room is the least of our worries) here is what the "to do" list in there would look like:

-new floor tile
-new closet configuration
-new cabinets
-new sink/counter
-subway tiles up the wall and wrapping the sink
-new paint
-well thought out drying rack
-sheer for window
-new ceiling light
-crown molding to hide the gas line
-new outlet covers

HOWEVER this is the more realistic/already in progress lipstick list:

-paint existing cabinets
-new pulls
-drying rack
-sheer for window
-new ceiling light
-new crown molding to hide the gas line
-new outlet covers
-maybe just MAYBE subway tiles around the sink

As you can see I've accomplished a few things on the list.

And yes you only get the cabinet shot because this room is a hot mess on top of needing a gut job. So the photos don't make it seem like a big deal but it feels much different in there. Here is the link to the drying rack. I had originally gone in for this one since it folds down and wouldn't protrude into the window all the time but it's discontinued!! Sigh. The shelf behind the dryer is a filler. The dryer has to be pulled out for the fat vent. I'll be needing a longer shelf sooner than later but for now this puts an old one to use.

To be continued...

Why doesn't Room Crashers (or Bath Crashers or Yard Crashers) come to my house?!? They could have a field day around here!! HGTV...are you there? Can you hear me? I've got sooo much for you to play with.

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