Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Whhooaah-oh Domino [interior Design]

Many of us have been anticipating the reappearance of the design magazine Domino. Well a special "Quick Fixes" edition is on the shelves as of yesterday. I am lovingly staring at it now. It's like getting ice cream on the first nice day of spring - so refreshing! If you are not familiar with the magazine (they stopped publishing it in 2009) this edition will give you an idea. A news release described Quick Fixes as "Domino's best home decorating stories, focusing on easy, often inexpensive changes that make a big difference -- from quick spruce-ups of dowdy furniture to more involved DIY projects like painting stairs or reorganizing a home office." So lindO!

While flipping through I noticed this EXACT stool that my dad found for me the other day. Is this a common piece?? They painted it orange but I was thinking hot pink or yellow, colors that happen to be laying around my house.

What's your vote?

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