Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ohh Sit on a Portriat Chair [interior Design]

This is a great way to display photos and style your home. Ohh Sit is a company in Conneticut combining their love of photography with chic decor.  They use your photos, source out the chairs, and make some design magic. Loving these chairs!

Great right!?! They do pillows as well if you are afraid of commitment. Just toss them on the couch and you can switch them anytime.
 Is this stirring up some ideas? They ship domestic and international but we love a good DIY project and this could be one of those!  There are many ways to get a photo printed on fabric and you could upholster a chair yourself (or hire out).
Here are some resources to get your image on fabric:
and here are some resources on how to upholster a chair all by yourself:
We want before and after pics when you are done!!
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