Friday, January 11, 2013

Bar Update [interior Design]

So I HAD to start the bar project around this time last year because it was driving me nuts. We knew we would eventually get a large sectional and put it against this wall. Plus the original bar was 60's/70's fabulous and that's not how I roll so it had to go. The plan was to wall it up on the couch side and open it up in the hallway behind.

Listing photos

Then I gave a quick (very quick) update tease here. You can see how we took the wall out and framed it in. You may also notice how we painted the beams white. The bookcases by the fireplace were painted white as well. The brick got a medium gray and the brass fireplace doors were sprayed black but that's another blog post waiting to happen.

Well it's closer to 2086 and we actually may have it done sooner if you can believe that. Here is more progress:

The good news is that the lower cabinets are ordered!! Wagers on how long it will take to install? Then all we need to do is pick hardware, install, pick a counter, install, buy the sink, install, paint. Not all in that order of course. So it's looking like this might get done around 2081.

aaaaannnnnnnndddd the new sectional has been ordered too. Holla!

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Anika said...

I can't wait for cocktails from your new bar! It's coming together well!