Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bar Renovation "Progress" [interior Design]

I'm going to keep it real. There is nothing exciting about this post. It is a depressing "update" on the bar renovation that has been in the works for years now. Since it's taken so long to rework 6 linear feet of space, you can imagine the "progress" you are about to see.

The big news is that the two cabinets are here. Have they been installed since we got them weeks ago? No. The one has had the side cut by my dad to fit around the pipes but that is it. We also got a pretty awesome gift from my sister for Christmas - a beverage fridge. That arrived last week and is sitting in the area waiting for it's final resting spot.

As this photo indicates this area is a hot mess waiting to be addressed:

Excuse the phone photo but does this really look like it deserves a good shot?
We are currently shopping for sinks and we are eyeing something like this:
The "add to cart" price is $212.47 and it's 20" wide. Maybe I can find a little wider to fit the 24" sink base cabinet but that's a good price. In retrospect I should've gone bananas and planned for a 42" trough like this :

I'm grunting like Tim Allen just looking at it...and now I'm wiggling my fingers in thought like the Grinch.
That's all folks! Stay tuned for more thrilling updates.

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