Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Yellow Bath Update [interior Design]

I don't have much patience for projects. When I want to get something done I go at it whether I'm in a dress or in something I don't want to get paint on. I always get paint on that "something I don't want to get paint on". That impatience also works against good blogging because I have a hard time pausing to find a recording device such as my phone.

We have an old yellow tiled 1960's second bath upstairs. I SO wish I had real before photos with the brass sconces and floral wallpaper but I attacked that before I started this amazing collection of literature.

So I'm home with a one week old baby and the DIY in me had been bottled up for 9 months. NINE. MONTHS. I couldn't paint, or handle large equipment, or do any other kind of fun DIY that included toxins such as paint stripper. I was bursting at the seams for a somewhat larger project so I decided to take on the sliding glass doors on the bath tub. The doors, aside from being an eye sore, limited my reach when giving my older son baths so they had to go. Much like the bar post you will not be racing to find your "Pin it" button for the following but hang in there with me.

Here are the doors off the bath and in the hallway because I couldn't wait/forgot to take a good "Before" photo.

This is the frame they were in. 

My tools included a razor blade, screwdriver, mold resistant bath caulk, caulk gun, paper towel and a Windex-like cleaning liquid. Here is close up of what I was working with. 

Done gagging? This is CLEAN people! Clean. That grout discoloring doesn't go anywhere!

Back to the process which is really simple. I started scoring the clear silicone you can see on the second photo on all sides. Then I unscrewed about 6 screws - 3 on each side is all. With a gentle pull the top piece came out and then the two sides. Super super easy but lets go back to gagging and step it up to a little puking in your mouth. This was under the frame:

About 50 years of nasty. I just wiped it with Windex and looked in the opposite direction. There was also some silicone residue left that I had to scrape off with razor. The hole you see below to the left is from one of the screws. I filled it with the caulk because I'm not worried about replacing the tile. If I replace one I replace them all. 

I used the screw driver to scrape all the dark grout out, then grabbed the caulk and caulk gun and got to caulking. A tip for the caulk to to make sure you have a clean angled cut at the tip of the plastic. If the cut is jagged your in for some drama. Also when you drag the caulk along apply medium pressure at a not-too-fast and not-too-slow pace. As the caulk comes out you can adjust accordingly. I usually have wet/damp paper towel with me to wipe and smooth in any gaps or excess caulk. You'll need a touch of finesse here because it can get messy very easily. Silicone is not very forgiving and can be tough to work with. 

The last step was putting up the adjustable curtain rod and hanging the curtain. We don't have a light in the shower so we hung ours lower to get some light in there. Ideally I would have floor to ceiling white curtains but we'll have to wait for the big makeover.  This will have to do for now. 


(That's sarcasm)

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