Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Halloween Decor [interior Design]

This year I stepped up the Halloween decorating (which wasn't hard to do since this is all I was working with last year).  I found these 3D Martha Stewart Bats at Michael's and put them in the front entry. When you come in the front door it looks like they are flying at you. Love them.

Then I stuck with the "C" because it just lives on the mantel and it gives good height. I added a spider web from Meijer and a skeleton print. The gold plastic skull was from KROGER for only $5. It started out a grey and black but I put a can of gold spray paint to it.

Which leads me to this gold ceramic skull from ZGallerie. He was $14.95 plus shipping. Can I just say they took a little piece of me when ZGallerie left my local mall? Anyway, this came before my Kroger skull find. Who doesn't tell me they have the perfect skulls at Kroger for cheap?!? The spiders returned from last year and the pumpkins are the real deal. The flowers and moss ribbon are from Michael's as well. I couldn't find cool purple flowers at the local florist and I'm a huge fan of real flowers - boo ;)

So how did I do?

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