Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fireplace Genius

It's getting closer. It has to happen soon for my sanity. You may or may not recall my big plans for my fireplace. I've got a guy and I [kinda] have a plan for this:

Except the paint is going more geometric (but will remain in the same color family). More on that later. So anyway here is why I'm writing - I saw a genious idea. If you recall I went on and on about how to decorate a non fuctioning fire place here. All great ideas. Even greater? This:


Not actually full size logs. Nope. Mind. Blown.
This could be done in the same fashion by just cutting the logs length wise.
I have birch logs in the fireplace now but they don't look at good as the image above. Let's just add that project to the list because this is what I'm working with now:

Can't wait! For the full how-to on the cut logs check out the Pepper blog.
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