Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bar Update [interior Design]

Time for another bar update! If you have been following along here and here then you already know not to expect much. We set the bar really low (pun intended).

Well since we last left off we now have the cabinets arranged properly and installed, the hardware is on them, the counter is in, and the sink is attached to the counter.

Not sure I love the handle on the upper cabinet....

I do really like them on the lowers though. They are from Lowe's and I no longer see them on their site or I would link them for ya. We did buy them forever ago.

So the sink is 18"x6"x8" and in this post I was close to cutting out the inside of the two cabinets to make room for a longer one. I went back and forth and back and forth. Do I regret not getting a 36" wide cabinet to accomodate a wider sink?...I'm really not sure yet. I can't tell if I like the smaller sink for more counter space (for all those bangin' parties we have) or if I want more sink space for something like this:

Of course our itty bitty one will not get that impact. Still I don't think I'm mad about it yet so maybe it's fine. I'll let you know after our first all white party when we see how it functions (I've always wanted to have an all white party - Ditty style).

This is the faucet we bought from Menard's. Again I cannot find it on their site but Home Depot has it. It looks much more expensive in person but was only $100ish. Perfect combo for the champagne and beer budget thing. 

I brought back splash samples home from the office. Glass tile with white backing,  Calacatta subway tile, and an elongated white subway tile. The Calacatta is in the lead although it's hard to tell what it would really look like since there is only one grey vein in the sample. The counter is Magnolia quartz from Home Depot by the way.

 The plumbing "to do" list.

The rest of the list is as follows:

-paint side of upper cabinet white
-pick a backsplash
-install a backsplash
-outlet covers
-paint walls
-baseboard on side walls
-toe kick
-install faucet
-figure out if I'm changing cabinet pull on the uppers...

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Anika said...

It's coming together well! I can't wait to have cocktails from the bar when I'm home! I vote for the Calacatta tile.