Thursday, November 15, 2012

Living Room Design [interior Design]

Sigh. Ever complete a project and then think "Alright. Mission accomplished. Next project." only to find yourself staring at said project months later and pondering changes? That's what's going on here. I tend to make lemonade out of lemons due to financial reasons but frankly I'm sick of it. We left off here in the Living Room.

Minor updates have occurred in this room (a coffee table and black shades on the sconces) but I''ll share the thrilling [sarcasm] changes later.
Buuuuuut this room was based on accepting the fireplace as is and just painting and living with it. Then I came across this pin:

I want this. The fireplace that is and I will admit a small obsession with Calacatta and Carrera marble.
Here is a little mock up:
Maybe the chevron changes to stripes. Maybe I pick another wall color but the focal point is the fireplace and wouldn't it look GOOD! It's my style. I'm not a big fan of traditional unless it looks cool with contemporary (sorry gold couch). I'll have a future post about my quest for armed sconces.
So much better right?
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