Monday, March 17, 2014

Detroit C-list

Time for more Craigslist fun in the D!

$90 will get you this uniquely cool cart. Cart bars are all the rage these days and if you like to upcycle this one is for you! Or it could be a plant stand, console table, or cat bed. You decide.

Also trending in the design world are dead animal parts. One antler could be great on a coffee table or collect a lot of them and you could make a chandelier.  The traditional wall mount is acceptable as well. They want $185 for these bad boys.

I love the look of antique fans. This one  is fiddy.

Letters, of course, are neat-o keen. $15 each is a great deal for these.

Then for the prop junkies there is this really great old tricycle for $250. Not cheap but this could easily sell for more.

Don't live in the D? I can scour your local Craigslist for you just tell me where :)

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