Tuesday, March 11, 2014

State of the State of Chaos

This is pretty close to the finished project folks. Just pretend the baseboard is installed next to the door and that the outlet plate is attached without the tile blocking the screw holes. Just ignore that last part. I'll take some prettier photos soon but this is pretty much crossed off my list.

This is the before if you need a reminder - we flipped it from the living room to open to the hall in order to get a sectional against the now closed off wall.

Dining room update is that I have a ceiling once again. Even better is the fact that my dad likes to spackle. I have some smoothing to do then I get to paint the ceiling and fill in the holes in the old crown molding that was put back. Super. Hashtag myfave and soreneck.

Family room is still in this condition

My son hasn't moved (nor has the "broken house")

Picking up the tile for the first floor lav tomorrow. I foresee joy in racing a four year old up carpeted stairs after last second announcements like "I just have to go to the bathroom".


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