Thursday, July 10, 2014

Lavatory Update [interior design]

The lav is at about 90% done. As a reminder this is where I started when we moved in.

Now it looks like this

The opposite wall hasn't changed and still looks like this

If you follow lindO on the 'gram you have already seen a while ago. I just realized it wasn't posted here. The Corona was to celebrate the win in the battle to hang the incredibly heavy hand me down (from my husband's great aunt) mirror all by myself. About 283,528,935 holes in my wall later I. WIN. I'm a big fan of the old vs. new look going on there.  The mirror happens to be too wide for the sink and is right against the door wall but it will stay until a similar one the correct size falls in front of my eyes. The battle was too epic just to take it down until the right one comes my way. Plus we need a mirror there of course.

What's left? A cleanup of the threshold. There is currently a gap between the hallway wood floor and the new bathroom tile.  One of the tile end cuts is at an angle and it's making me nuts. More so than usual. Today it will be addressed and, should everything go OK, the gap will be grouted. Please PLEASE design gods don't let me chip and/or ruin the tile. Please.

I'm thinking neon sign above the toilet. Stay tuned.

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