Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fireplace [interior Design]

So this is my fireplace. Sigh. The gas insert could work if I got the parts to fix it but it's ugly so that means I would need a new one entirely. Not interested. We have another fireplace in the living room we use a lot. Next week we are having the gas capped and I've been looking for some ideas to fill the empty space (please note we are solely focusing on the fireplace - furniture and mantle pieces are NOT permanent and will be addressed at a later date). So the question is how to decorate a non functioning fireplace?


Log stacking??



What if I stacked framed mirrors??

Too busy and would compete with whatever I put above the fireplace.


Too easy.

LOVE books. Love em...but I don't have this many and with book shelves in my living room, my son's room, the guest room, and on an invisible shelf in the entry I would have to start wearing glasses and ask for library cards when people entered the house.


Letters? I like this. I'll have to think harder about what happens on the mantle if I do this though.

Or...a disco ball!!

I have the thumping of techno music in my head now.

I'm leaning toward this:

Simple and classic. I'll test it out. Now where do I get birch logs from??

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