Thursday, November 17, 2011

Photog Fun!

I did a little editing but I do not see the original writer of this list (please post if you know so we can give credit where credit is due) but it sounds like fun! Each day for a month take a shot of the following:

1. a self portrait
2. what I wore
3. clouds
4. favorite color
5. someone I love
6. childhood memory
7. technology
8. something new
9. a meal (Thanksgiving  maybe ;)
10. something I made
11. close up shot
12. from a distance
13. flowers
14. my shoes
15. a pet
16. on the shelf
17. in my bag
18. where I slept
19. what I read
20. pretty pattern
21. trees
22. sunset
23. a smile
24. something old
25. out a window
26. after dark
27. in motion
28. someone waking up
29. sun flare
30. something you've never shot before

Some of these categories could overlap but try to have 30 different shots. I'll check back on you and beg you to post your favorites. Have fun!
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