Monday, November 14, 2011

Tis' the Season for Gifting!

Well there is one holiday before Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa but you will not see Turkey recipes here. LindO compiled a quick Holiday gift giving list for your consideration.

-For baby a set of onesies with cute graphic month markers. Great for keeping track of a growing baby. Put it on at the appropriate month, set the little munch in front of some cute wrapping paper or fun patterned blanket and snap a shot at each milestone!

-For a kiddo the Wonderworld Wonder Vacuum is a fun toy. It is made of wood and actually picks stuff up! Little helper in training tool.

age 3+ at, $53.47

-For a teen a scarf on a spool! What a cute packaging idea and a variety of colors to chose from.


A Digital Harinezumi 2+++ Camera. It produces still images and videos with a soft, out-of-focus feel that bring back the feeling of your old Super 8mm home movies.

it takes pictures like this:, $169.95

-For him a vintage-style air popper. This is great for a movie night or a snack for the game. Plus it looks good on your counter!

Kmart, on sale for $17.99


An iphone docking station -how cool is this?!? The stand is made from a carved block of wood, and available in both Maple and Walnut wood. You can also have his name engraved into the stand.

-For  a friend a knitting class! There are so many amazing home decor and photography prop ideas from the knitting world. Check out which is a website for independent instructors. Look at the fun things they could make for the home or for a photo's a gift that could give back ;)

Gomitolo Knit Clock - 3' in diameter

Knit hat from Nerdie Bird Boutique

-For a party host what do you think about a coffee table book or two!?! I love coffee table books and have them all over my house. Here are some good ones that have nice form (they are pretty) and good content :, $34.20, $24.57

I am loving Vogue Covers Italian Opalescent Finish. These may be a little pricey so this could be a sister, mother, etc. gift as well., $91

-For the [other] photographer in your life telephoto travel mugs. Just don't get them mixed up with the real deal., $24 to $35


As mentioned in a previous blog here a camera looking pencil sharpener 


A fancy camera strap! Many to choose from. MANY.

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