Wednesday, September 19, 2012

More DIY Around this House

So I was knocked out for four days. All I did was lay in bed and watch DIY and HGTV. Sinus infection plus a little something I'll mention later. These walls were staring at me and there was nothing I could do about it. It drove me nuts. I had a lot of time to think about all the projects I want/need to do around here annnnd all the projects that need to be finished around here. That being said, I should take this opportunity to mention that there is a missing link in my DIY DNA. The "finish the project" link. I like to put blame on money (champagne taste beer budget, etc.) but I really think there is a missing chromosome. When I can visualize the finished product I get bored with the finishing work. I have yet to finish the bar flip, laundry room, front porch project, back porch project, master bedroom lighting, guest room lighting, stair rail, and I can go on and on. So with my renewed energy today (I was feeling about 85% but in DIY measurements that was 110%) I decided to finish one of these projects.


I started a new one.

Hear me out. These cabinets were SO annoying! Over the peninsula and blocking any conversation out of the kitchen to the living space. "Aren't you going to redo the kitchen one day?" you ask. Yes but pigs do not fly yet and I couldn't wait any longer. Since the kitchen is so ridiculous I didn't have to be perfect on the finishing details. It's all goings away eventually. BONUS.


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via iphone

Corner cabinet (far right) is part of the cabinet next to the window so a clean cut wasn't happening. I was happy just to get the end two down. P.J. just painted and touched up so this is a completed project until we really do the kitchen (yes soffits are coming out as well as the faux brick!). Now to put everything on the counters away and clean. The cabinets held the liquor so you can guess there is a bar flip progress report coming. Please note I only said progress.

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Anika said...

I'm glad it's not just me; I'm totally missing that finish a project gene too. My bedroom has been in 14 different stages of unfinished since last May. May, Angela. My DIY lanterns are 85% done. My pictures are about 75% framed. And they are 0% on walls. I can't bring myself to make a decision about ANY of it. And I was fooling myself into thinking it was financial too. But it's just me. And my brain.